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What’s a blog post??

 A little blog post (it’s about time) It’s literally been months since I last wrote. That’s what happens when life interferes with my somewhat stream of conscious meanderings about life, love and etc. So, it’s almost March and it feels like spring and can’t wait. No, not a weather report but more an observation. Plus, I have cute clothes to wear that I better get to wear this season. Hey, that’s important.  In a world where there has been a pandemic raging for 2 years and horrible world events playing out in front of us, it seems frivolous to write about dating or in my case the lack thereof. Then again, a little levity and nothing serious sometimes is very helpful. And getting out the “checkbook” and donating to those who are in need. Just saying.  So the bumble dating thing or just the dating thing. Now, we will meet people without a mask. That means, one gets to put on a lipstick and not look like Bette Davis in Baby Jane because the mask has shmeared that gorgeous red all over your

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