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Is it good without THE BIG O? Yup, I'm back and all I seem to be reading or seeing is about sex and the female orgasm, the BIG O. OK, good, we like that but is that all that's on the menu??? JK
Last night, I saw L.O.V.E.R by Lois Robbins. One woman show, starring the author and no spoilers, it's a lot about sex and a lot about coming and a lot about other life things like love loss and etc but I don't want to give away too much. Go see it. It hits a lot of the right notes. You will leave the theater with lots to discuss.   I will never look at a washing machine quite the same way again. 
Any fans of Mad Men out there? If yes, you must remember Betty Draper's interlude with the washing machine. It was fabulous. If you are not fans of Mad Men, get on netflix and watch. Don Draper dba gorgeous damaged irresistible rat bastard knew his way around the ladies but technique fabulous, the loving part, not so much... well, go watch it and report back.
I digress. Of course,…

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