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Reality testing?  Hello to all as I’ve been MIA for several months on the blog thing as a result of ongoing back, elbow etc that has made me unable  to be on ipad for any length of time. Now, isn’t that sexy? Moving on from that, I have been thinking about the concept about which I’ve written before which is “is settling so bad”? This recent stood up guy thing was not something that I took all too seriously but must confess that from jump street, I was very impressed with his intellect(for me, one of  the biggest aphrodisiacs) his worldliness, his being into the same culture vulture stuff  but the giant but, in spite of his kindness and solicitude, he bored me senseless. NOT GOOD. He’s a professor so he can’t get away from the lecture.  The other thing up there and actually more important, is he didn’t make me laugh. Sleep almost, laugh not so much. Now I am a chronic insomniac so maybe I should have stayed the course and perhaps, the biggest pay day would be sleep. The hell with roman

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