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And etc....

And etc... What do you think? Do you ever think of the guys who came in and out of your life? More often than not, these thoughts stay tucked away in the past where they belong but in these days of endless introspection and random thought trains, things just pop up.  Today, I was just thinking of my oh so famous idealized big time bf. After 45 years of which 9 we were together, we have a steady wonderful friendship  but he moved away and then covid happenend and the rest is ugh. So today, he called. It was fabulous to just hear his voice. Lots of great memories and some not so great but hey, nothing is perfect. The phone call sent me down the rabbit hole of walking down memory lane. a few Frank Sinatra songs later and  some tears, I pulled it up.  Why? I will love him forever ever because he's one of my peeeps but life must go on.  Another wonderful fabulous bf from the past has moved away, too, and yes, sixty the collector, we remained great friends and I have been bereft without

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