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What happened to Sixty?

What happened to Sixty? That’s a damn good question so I will try to answer in under 3 thousand words/JK but you know how sixty does like to meander. I’ve never been a fabulous blogger in terms of keeping up with it and writing every week. Holy gee, if I write once a month, that’s a lot. Note to self: pedal to the metal and get cracking. Besides which at the moment, not much else on the agenda so why not be write and catch the wave of being in a great mood.  So where have I been since April which is when I wrote my last post? Napping/nah Having great sex/double nah, what? Trolling my daugher’s bridal registry and driving my daughter nuts, of course, yes.   I’m not really sure I can quantify my disappearance  with anything logical other than dating blog what’s that and just wasn’t in the mood. Oh and did i mention oy, my sacroiliac is paining me. Close but no cigar. Well, am back/ pun very much intended. Am I dating up a storm? Wellllllll, that’s a story, isn’t everything? Yes, i put my

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