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Hello and goodbye
Hello world, is it time to get back on the proverbial horse and get out there? Who in hell knows is my rejoinder. On a daily basis, life seems to be changing and not much is in our control but roll with it we must. And Yes, my dear friends that includes the mask wearing and the social distancing. Am not the police for either but it seems to work so why fight it?  Now, does that mean we say hello to a real meet and greet in 3D as in real date or what?
Has anyone even thought about any of this? I haven’t as it all seemed so foreign and still does but now what? Can I just have Virtual dates forever? I think not. How is 3D going to look? Well, i guess we will figure it out as it goes along. So yes, what about kissing or holding someone’s hand? And sex, what’s that? Horizontal cha cha wow, what a concept. Go figure!!
Too many things to think about. Am still at what am i going to wear and do i have a really fabulous mask? And lipstick or no lipstick? Under a mask who cares bu…

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