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Vacation... On the cusp of going  to Paris with my youngest daughter, I've been thinking about earlier vacations with kids, significant others, alone etc. 
Why is the concept of going alone so daunting? 30+ years ago, I decided to go to Italy by myself. Now, there were reasons for this departure. A  very long term relationship with probably at that point and who knows until when, the love of my life, whatever that means. The world that we had constructed together was gone and it felt like my life was somehow enveloped in shadows. Ok, sixty doesn't see so great but let's not nitpick. I think you got my meaning. I was wandering around nyc like I had lost my best friend. oh wait, i sort of had....but a wise woman I know would say NO ONE DIED!!!!
On top of that, my younger brother got married to a fabulous girl and I was thrilled that not only had he found a terrific woman but the added bonus was marrying into a wonderful family. 
So, what's the problem? First, I walked m…

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