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Is this really real??  Ok, week one into the dating thing and I have to report that some of this stuff that I have heard and seen, I could not make up and sixty has a fertile imagination. 
What would be shocking? It's really not shocking but more what was in the kool aid and hmm, do I really want to drink it?
Yesterday, I posted in my story a message from some oh so charming man who wanted to kiss my feet. Now, I imagine that he thought that he was being clever. When I read the profile, I was like not so much clever and more cup of cuckoo.  So, next and block.

Now we know almost everyone lies about his or her age. Now, stop tutting as this has nothing really to do with age acceptance but more being smart enough to get how the algorithm  works and how one's "stock" falls precipitously as one gets older. I'm sorry reality is REALITY. So calibrating one's expectations and being realistic  is key.

 Many times, there are people who put a disclaimer within the pro…

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