Dating over 60 aka 3 date rule and other indignities

Dating over 60 aka 3 date rule and other indignities

Still dating at 60? How can that possibly be?

When was the last time you read anything about women dating over 60? How about NEVER? I’m here to open up that conversation as we’re here and we need a voice.

BTW, when I say over 60, am talking vital, still great looking, successful, fabulous over 60 not doddering old people ready for the glue heap. My friends and I don’t look like those nicely coiffed wax works some of whom are younger than we are.

We take care of ourselves, dress well, age appropriate but never matronly. We are active, informed, educated etc.

Some of us may get a little injection here or there but fundamentally, on some levels 60 is the new 40. Now, if only someone would tell that to me knees.

So what does the woman over 60 want? We want a nice menschy guy who is fun and youthful and wants to be loved by a great woman. Key ingredients are common interests, sense of humor and the desire to have the connection. Great or warm and loving sex wouldn’t be bad either. Yes, we still like to do that!!! At this point, we all have baggage but as long as it’s not all consuming, it is what it is.

Why is it so hard to find?

Dating at any age is never the easiest. I remember suffering through many hideously boring dates when I was much younger woman.

At this age, it’s like nothing one could possibly imagine. When I tell my “adventures” to my friends who haven’t had a date since Reagan was president, they stare at me in disbelief and then break out in paroxysms of laughter.

Trust me, these stories are not tales that one could possibly make up.

The likelihood of meeting one’s soul mate on line at Zabar’s or Saks or on line at the movies is highly unlikely. Ditto for getting set up. I cannot tell you how many men I know who regularly get set up. Women, nope, and that’s a whole other story. in order to meet that special someone, one has to go on line. Holy hell, who invented these sites? Someone very smart and also, a bit sadistic.

Match, ok cupid, jdate, and my favorite, not really, it’s our time which should be known as it’s our time for married men and scammers. In addition to the sites, there are the apps: tinder, bumble, jswipe, coffee meets bagel. For me,the apps are daunting but hey, if someone has mastered them, am all ears.

What precipitated me to put pen to paper or hands to keyboard as it were is mostly because my 2 adult daughters think that there is a story to tell and I should be the one to tell it. I have resisted doing it and then decided why not?

Stay tuned

Ladies,  fasten your seat belts.


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