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No wifi on train so trying to do post on phone and it’s hard to get my mojo with the screaming announcements etc.

First: do you think that there is such a thing as dating fatigue or even better ennui? 
One is tired other is bored but in French it just sounds so classy.
Note to self: get back ability to speak just a little of that gorgeous language if nothing else than the ability to chat with the waiter at a French restaurant when you order.

At some point or other, we may have all experienced it. Accept a date because why not and then you realize you would rather drink drano.
Not because date is not a nice guy but it gets to be too much chit chat, too many times pasting one’s face together, etc. 

Don’t freak out if this happens. It’s not a cause for an extra session at the shrink. Well if you want to, knock yourself out.
What I do when it has happened, is I pull back because I’ve had enough.
It’s not depressing it’s revitalizing.

Second: a phone call after midnight is a booty call, yes? Recently, old friend, JUST FRIEND, whom I’ve never dated reconnected. He’s funny, brash and full of himself but a sweetie! Not bf material. A few nights ago,  he called after midnight asking if I wanted to come out for a drink. How’s about no because wine has nothing to do with it. Was I insulted, nope. Was I flattered, double nope. 
After midnight, kids it’s a booty call and if you’re into it, by all means go! Walk on the wild side and step out of your safety zone. If not, Pasadena ! 
At this point, it’s about doing what works for you. At this age 60 f in whatever, have fun!

Third;  I had a massive ferhklempt moment. Ferhklempt is well, google it.
Most of us lie about our age. When I decided to try the apps, purely for research purposes, of course, 😉😉, I had a moments panic because it auto loads from FB. Ages ago, I “corrected” my FB birth date so it was in sync with my "real lied about age".
Much to my dismay, one app had my real age, one had my made up one and one was in between. 
Ok, you’re wondering why the machinations? JUST BECAUSE, that’s why, plus the metrics vastly change and either you get very little or you get very old men, who have also, lied about their age! 
So, one with real age, I had them change, the one with “real” made up age, I deleted and the one in between, I also deleted. Don't ask.

There is no logical reason for any of this but oh well!
What’s really comical is when I have been on a fun date, I spit out my real age relatively quickly! 
Why I deleted the 2 apps speaks to point number 1. 

Anyway, none of this makes any sense. It is what it is. Keep dancing and enjoying and you never know

And finally, did everyone watch the wedding? In typical fashion, I slept through the entire bru ha ha.
FYI, there are Harry and Meghan sex toys? Who, pray tell wants them in your goody draw?? Just askin!

Happy evening!

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