Jitney anyone?

Just to set the record straight, I mentioned the jitney and the jitney goes to the Hamptons and Montauk, too, and that's where the lobster roll is but LEGIT for real, this is not another post where I am going to mention gorgeous Cole from The Affair with whom I am totally obsessed. Woops, I just did. Oh well. He is stunning, though, isn't he. Just for the record, I'm a north fork girl and not headed anywhere near the lobster roll. SIGH 

Speaking of drop dead stunning, not long ago, I was sitting on the jitney, hoping that no one would sit next to me. Oh, puhleeze we all think of that whether it's the jitney, the subway,  a plane, etc. I'm just the one articulating it with the not so hidden meaning that it's real nice to not have a seat mate.

This particular time, I was trolling strangers instagrams and was not paying attention when this man sat down next to me. I didn't even look at him but when I did, I was stunned. Ok, on the record, this man was definitely one of the most magnificently gorgeous men I have ever seen. And no,he wasn't 28. There's an ew factor when someone is of similar age to one's children. Not that looking is a crime but meh. That's just me. Hey if you meet some fabulous 30 year old go for it and write to me and tell me everything. LOL

I literally couldn't stop staring at Mr. Jitney, most probably embarrassing myself but couldn't have cared less. He started chatting me up and it turned out that he was in his mid 50's and had to die for stunning grey hair and all of said hair. Anyway,  I wasn't being cougar material. Skewing to his age totally works for me, btw.
I had this crazy feeling that I had seen him before but couldn't place it. We talked about a variety of topics and he was articulate, smart, funny and did I say stunning and buffed. I literally was ready to cry from stunningness. My blog and my made up word so all the grammarians sit down and enjoy the ride. He told me that he had been a model in the 80's and that was the world from which I knew him. Having worked in fashion in the crazy 80's, I was exposed to all the fabulous photographers and models be it at a shoot, fashion show, Studio etc. Got to tell you, he aged like fine wine, holy geez. What he ultimately revealed was that he was on wife# 2, who just happened to be a 35ish year old Brazilian woman. Somehow, I didn't think he was going to be married to someone who resembled great Aunt Yetta in her heyday with the unibrow. He also, had a baby and a child in her 20's from the starter wife. 

We laughed and chatted for the whole ride so much so that he missed his stop much to his wife's chagrin. What was lovely was the way the conversation just flowed compared to many of these convos one has on some dates. Wouldn't it be just terrific if on dates the conversation just came naturally and was fun rather than stilted and drifting to that netherworld of the ex files or something equally odious. UGH. OK, many are very pleasant but this clicking if you will was not the norm. Maybe, it was because it wasn't a date so we acted differently.  Now, just to be quite frank, if he had been single, I would have sniffed around to detect possible interest. I'm human, right? 

I was desperate to take his picture so I could show it to my BFF's so they would believe that I had sat on the jitney next to the most gorgeous man alive. Didn't do it as then I would have appeared to be a freak. Wasn't going to let my freak flag fly and scare the hell out of this nice man. He invited me to come to his restaurants of which he has 2. In my inimitable fashion, because I am so painfully, shy, yeah right, I asked him if he had any age appropriate friends for me. Why not? Still have to go to one of his places downtown with a friend just to check it out. Who am i kidding, just to look at him!! And he does have age appropriate friends soooo.......there you go: a multi  purposed drive by.

The jitney can be fertile ground to meeting someone but just like the likelihood of meeting someone on line at the movies, it's not too often. I have had seat mates who have so enticed me that I have wanted to burst open the escape hatch to get away from them and trust me, this had nothing to do with looks or the lack thereof. Sorry not trying to be bitchy but if the conversation flows and it's fun, am in. If it veers to weird or inappropriate, not happening. Now, there is nothing wrong with a little flirting but someone putting his hands where they shouldn't have been. UGH,hello jitney!! and hello not interested. If a man can't figure out whether a woman is interested in him, I don't quite know what to say. It's pretty obvious but hell, everyone is not as perceptive as we are.

I cannot view everything I do as an opportunity to meet someone but I do keep my eyes and ears open. Last week, I had the joy of listening to 2 male yentas. There is a difference between female and male yentas and it's not just the obvious gender difference. I thought that I was going to lose my mind. One of them had the Jerry Lewis HEY LADY kind of voice and he wanted to talk to me. I was polite because no need to be rude or unkind but didn't chat much.  From what these 2 gents were talking about, neither one of them were for me. Also, age wise, I am not yet prepared for 80. Call me ageist. What can I say?

Going back out next week for the holiday so one never knows, does one? It's good to be friendly if you feel like it and if you're not in the mood,  bury your head in your book or your phone and eventually, that person will get it.

I was going to write about getting set up. Remember that when someone whom you know actually sets you up with someone who might be right for you. Will save that one for next time. I leave you to ponder actually meeting someone not on a dating site/app.

The possibilities are endless. Good fantasy material. 


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