This That and Say what?

Ok, after writing and you reading sixty, you know that I am no prude. Nothing shocks me and as long as it's between 2 consenting people, none of my business and go YOU and whomever. 

HOLY SHIZZ NUTS, yesterday, on the subway, I pulled out my fave section of the Sunday times. Kids, this section rarely disappoints but this time, say what?

Now, backing up, I know that the fellas have been taking selfie penis pics for forever. Love that alliteration. Anyway, first time I was made aware of it was many years ago, when my daughter came running down the stairs demanding that i come and look at her facebook. I was SAY WHAT, again, as that was verboten. I had tried to stalk her and my other daughter to no avail. Oh puhleeze, we all did it. Anyway, I follow her upstairs and what do I find but a picture of a penis which happened to belong to my cousin's son. I literally almost passed out. Ok, we all lived but ewwww. 

Segue forward, of course, we know one of our favorite predators, Anthony Weiner had a predilection to send numerous dick pics to young women. Why this man had to keep showing off his shortcomings is beyond me, other than he is one sick bastard. 

Anyway, stepping away from that the straight and gay boys have been sending dick selfies to girlfriends/boyfriends, hook-ups, and what not for quite awhile. No surprise there as many men every
time they get naked  expect to have a brass band playing in the bedroom or wherever. This is an extension of that on some level.

Now, in the aforementioned article, it appears that the ladies are now quite happily sending Vpics to their hook-ups, their bf's/gf's whether single or married. What sets these things apart is that they are beautifully done and back lit, not all of them and happily sent to hopefully, Mr. Happy. This article went into rhyme and verse about this process. Sometimes it's not so great when it goes to someone married or better yet, falls into the hands of someone's 12 year old child.

Let me make it perfectly clear, this is not an indictment of said practice but am flummoxed. In what way is this sensual, sexy whatever. Let's not confuse these pics from Georgia O'Keefe's vagina paintings. That's art,hello!!!!

And Eve Ensler's Vagina Monologues, wonderful but this, meh on steroids.

So, sexting I get, phone sex I get, this I don't but in matters of sex if the ladies want equal time, they should go for it.  Anyone send any V Selfies lately? I know for sure, I won't be doing that. One guy 40ish did say that a vagina without a face doesn't rock his boat. I like that guy.

Topic 2
I have a dear friend whose actually older than I am who is very hip to what's going on in the great out there meaning the online dating world and just the whole instagram dramarama etc.

Apparently, there is a younger, "better" sister/brother to ghosting and that's called orbiting.

The orbiter circles like a hornet around your instagram feed and preys on the needs of people to seek approval etc. Now what they do is they circle and circle and they like and comment on posts and always check out your stories. I am speaking for the ladies on this one. The orbiters are manipulative and mean spirited but we don't know that yet as now there is back and forth texting, pm'ing, liking all posts, you got the picture. Woman is thinking wow, he likes me, woohoo. Talking plans, what music they like etc and then BOOM!!!

So where's the date? THERE ISN'T ONE. He's ditched you and gone onto seek his next victim.

Now yes, on some level social media does have its stalking proponents but this is really lousy. 

Ghosting is ripping a bandaid off, orbiting is picking and picking a scab so it bleeds.

BTW, the orbiter doesn't give up, he will still like your posts etc and you might think, well, there's a shot. FUHGEDDABOUTIT

Answer: block the SOB and move on.

Takeaway: dick pics, V pics if that floats your boat, go with God and don't send one accidentally to your mother or your child. 

Orbiter: can't always sniff him out but if you smell stink there usually  is stink. Now if it happens to you, it only takes once for it to happen and you learn a very valuable lesson, 

Ladies, repeat after me, there are  lots of good ones out there. Have to always repeat that mantra to yourself. And if you do get burned, don't ruminate, cogitate, obsess about it(am one of those). It's them and not you and  you deserve better. 


  1. I cannot think of a reason why a man would send an unsolicited dic pic. It makes no sense to display what you got in circumstances where the receiving party can easily and remotely indicate that they are not interested. Yes, it takes a lot of time and attention to get to where someone has the desire to see what you got but by then there is a good chance that they will be willing to seee what you can do with it before passing final judgement.
    As for a vpic, I agree that there is no excitement in a vagina without a face.


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