Hot weather musings

As we all know, it’s been beastly hot in NYC so instead of having a daily whinerama, which I have had, I’ve been finding myself looking for anything to divert my attention from the fact that I was sweating from places heretofore unknown to me and have often been thisclose to running out of the  subway station while simultaneously ripping off all my clothes. 

Fortunately, good sense has prevailed. BTW in NYC, no one would probably notice just another raving lunatic. Then again undressing in public is illegal and it would make for good fodder for my blog but can you imagine having to call my kids to say mumsy had meltdown on the A train and you need to come bale me out.  Not pretty and distinctly tacky and unfabulous!!!🀣

One particularly miserable day, last week, I came upon an actually thought provoking “slogan campaign down in the subway station inferno, that were part of some advertising campaign for skincare or perfume or who cares?

And I loved it. Maybe a little heat stroke had something to do with my embrace of these clever little ditties but it kept me from having a tantrum. All good!

Backing up, I started writing this blog with the idea that I would write about dating, sex, love or not love, relationships and etc for women of a certain age dba not young but definitely not ready for the glue heap.
A lot of things have been covered and there will be more of that you can be sure. There’s always something!

My goal has been to give us a voice while also injecting humor  as without finding something to joke about  in all of this, you might go batshit cuckoo, at least I know I would. I hear you saying that sixty, honey, you already are a little” touched”. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰! My answer to that, WHATEVER!

These little subway signs amused me and gave me something to think about while melting!

“I don’t need a prince to make me feel like a princess”
Ok at this point, forget princess, I will settle for nothing less than queen. Seriously though, isn’t that statement true? OF COURSE IT IS? We all should be on our own pedestals put there by ourselves. The connotation that without a “prince” we are somewhat less whole and therefore, cannot be a “princess” is crapola but hey, these people are trying to sell product to make us feel fabulous.

Ladies, we are indeed looking for that special someone but sheesh, we are not putting our lives on perpetual hold waiting for Prince Charming or better said, prince, please don’t be a putz to come charging in. JUST SAYIN! And listen I think if and when you find someone, he will be fabulous and in your eyes, be a “prince”. And, yes, if it works, you won’t be in fairy tale land but your life will be enriched by his presence! Enriched, am talking spiritually but of course, if a few diamonds get thrown into the mix, REMEMBER, you deserve them!

And lastly, we all do know that no one CAN MAKE you happy? RIGHT?? Of course,right. Happiness comes from within so PUHLEEZE, make it a mantra or saying or whatever and repeat it to yourself: “I’m terrific and I can make my own party and a man will not complete me but be a wonderful addition to an already great life.”  Sixty isn’t getting serious, no worries, am just tossing in a  little reality testing into the mix!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’ͺ🏻

Maybe I do have that heat stroke.

“Bad guys are no good but good boys are no fun”. Now ladies, we all know that to be untrue, now don’t we? Of course we do! RIGHT, OF COURSE, Right!!

Now  if you happen to be on vacation and find yourself attracted to some guy who may not be the right guy or geographically located on the same continent as you,  but for a little vaca fling, why the hell not?
 Be safe, have fun, don’t tell your kids, your married friends and make sure he stays in the country where you found him. LOL! Now stop tutting! If you’ve never done this, what are you waiting for and if you have and want to test ride that vaca mojo again, GO YOU!!

Lastly, “kissing burns 6.4 calories per minute, wanna workout?” Now this one in all its sillliness I love. Reread last paragraph for explanation and all the blogs before that  for further  illustration.   Somehow, I don’t think you’ll need to.

Who doesn’t prefer that kind of exercise to a hot yoga class? If hot yoga  is your preference yay, you but you should try the alternative!



  1. I agree with your recommendation that a woman be open to a vacation fling but your caution about making sure that the guy stays put is not needed.
    My experience is that it is the woman who decides that she wants to relocate to the desirable vacation destination where she has just just had a wonderful experience with a host whose company she desires. In my case, I was able to deflect all but the two that I married.
    In popular culture, it is always the American woman who runs off to Africa to marry the professional hunter that she met while on safari.


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