Love...what is that? 

By now at this point in life, we've all loved and loved and lost and lost and got our hearts broken and if we are very lucky we are partnered up with someone who we love and if we're not, then we're optimistically looking.

The flip side is that we have hermetically sealed our hearts so we are not open to love. Why, because it's scary to put it all out there on the line and risk getting hurt. The best case scenario is it all works out and we're part of a "forever, ever kind of couple". 

 Ok, no I am not embarking on the good ship lollipop to fantasy island but honestly, evaluating.

What the hell do I know or does anyone know about love? For this post, I looked up the definition of love according to Webster's dictionary? Do we all remember the dictionary? I love the dictionary because I love words.

The dictionary says that love is feeling a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone. How antiseptic! Webster has to boot up his game. Geez, no wonder no one uses the dictionary anymore. LOL

Now what's interesting about this is the either or of the definition. Think about it. Does ripping off  your clothes without dislocating a shoulder love or is it combination of love and lust?  COMBO, KIDS, COMBO. repeat after me: COMBO
What's wrong with that? NOTHING. 

Why, because in the best case scenario the love deepens without the diminishing of the attraction to one another. And if everything works a little less perfectly, hell, use your imagination and if all else fails, there's a smattering of toys. JK but not really. 

Thoughts about love and etc and alright, getting nudie as one of my now adult daughters used to say.

Love is wanting to be with that special someone but you're not stuck to each other like velcro. First of all, velcro is never chic and it's itchy and damned uncomfortable. Everyone still with me? Of course, you are!

Time one spends together is great but time apart is also, equally good but different.

Love is NOT dependence with your whole life revolving around that person. Love is when that person is possibly the closest to perfect addition to your life. He isn't perfect nor are you. Well, I'm perfect as are many of you but you get my drift.

Love isn't hating to say goodbye. It's loving to say hello when one of you returns. 

Love doesn't hide anyone's flaws. Well, I think ambient lighting and a great bra do a lot for flaw hiding. Throw in a little age related myopia and we're cooking and I mean really cooking. 

Love doesn't exactly embrace flaws, c'mon saggy this that and the other thing is never pretty but when you love someone and you're bathed in candlelight, you accept that person flaws and all. And yes, I did sort of contradict myself. Am a Gemini. It's all about opposing forces.

Love takes on many permutations which includes feeling safe and comfortable. Comfortable has a bad wrap. It's good. It's liberating because you're not always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Well, maybe a little but whatever. 

Love is passion and not just the sexual kind although i'm not dissing that. Sixty never disses that. BTW, we have all seen the couple where one is the "far better looking" of the 2. Why does it work for them because they love each other.  OH, shizz nuts am I sounding too hallmark card like? Live with it and think about it. 
TRUTH or if you will WORD!!

Also, who knows what goes on behind closed doors? They could be having wild and crazy sex or they could be lying in the COMFORT of each other's arms or COMBO thereof. ALL GOOD!

There is a line in the Song of Songs: I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine. My take on it is I am my beloved's and my beloved is not up my tush 24/7. 



  1. I agree with your point about avoiding someone who needs to be stuck to you like Velcro and is up your tush 24/7. It is the potential for this situation that causes alarms to go off whenever I see a retired ,financially secure, woman with no demands on her time and resources. There is no limit to the amount of time and attention that she can demand from a man.
    This kind of lady is a lot less scary If she has a very demanding purpose or a hobbby like horseback riding. Horses take up a lot of time, money, and energy and it is kind of comforting for a man to know that the woman’s horse will always take priority over you.


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