Are we in a rush?

I have been thinking, sometimes a good thing, sometimes, not so much. This time, we shall see.

We spend most of our lives rushing from one place to another from work to date to theater to wherever or to whomever.
Nothing profound or particularly enlightening but stick with me.

Remember thinking that your biological clock was like a ticking time bomb in your head? For no reason, other than not having a baby daddy and not being younger than spring time, what the hell was my rush? What was my rush? The aforementioned oh so critical things.  YA THINK?? We all know it worked out, well sorrof: found the baby daddy ultimately, the hubby and have 2 fabulous daughters. The hubby, why bring up a bad meal? That part,  you got the pic! Thankfully, the kids fabulicious! Knock wood KINAHURA and all that jazz!

Lately, am feeling rushed and am not talking about getting to a movie on time. BTW,  Sixty is not known for being on time but am working on it. But am not talking about time management skills or the lack thereof.

Oyyyy, where is she driving, you’re wondering? Well, I am, too, so if this is more stream of conscious than usual, what can I tell you?

Are we rushing to find the right guy because we’re no longer young and love like youth is wasted on the young? Maybe, but not really but really but I don’t know.

Last post I wrote about shining up my profile and putting it out there full tilt boogie just like my friend. Well, old blabbermouth May have spoken too soon.

What’s really happened is that I feel like I’ve given myself the bum’s Rush. Another one of those 40’s colloquial expressions, I’ve always wanted to use. Yay, now I can take that expression off my bucket list of antiquated colloquialisms. WOOHOO!

In today’s parlance, what the freak is my rush? What the freak is my rush? Yeah, yeah, am embracing my growing  older self. Of course, I am until I pass a Window catch my reflection and don’t recognize myself. Yes, growing older is a hell of a lot better than the alternative but, we know the rest. Before you start tsk tsk tsking, be honest enough to admit that am not totally nuts on this one. It’s daunting and layering on the fabulosity gets harder especially when your eyes no longer fully open and your lipstick sometimes veers into whatever happened to baby have territory!

I want mr cool, fun, witty, kind smart great sex and blah blah blah but do I have the “time” to really spend figuring all this out. It takes time and a fair amount of emotional capital to get to know someone and do we have the time? Does anyone?

Yes, we have to think YES! Right? Every guy is not the one, whatever that really means. My wise friend says it’s about the numbers. Go out with enough people, mr good is going to show up.Oy double Gevalt but legit, wow!

and my person of interest?? Nope, he’s not yet disappeared and I don’t know whote what to do about him. This does not sound like clear eyed sixty. Well, this shizz is confusing!! Why is he appealing? Well, he’s a sweetie plus I’ve already had the first date and he’s seen me look like a faccia bruta in the AM. Time to poo poo or get off the pot on this issue!

So the takeaway: if you’re feeling pressured by self imposed and some realistic time limits, get passed it! Don’t rush into a relationship because you feel pressured or you have a family wedding
coming up and you/I don’t want to go alone. Btw, when I found out about these impending nuptials, I beseeched my newly single best male friend to go with me. Yup, 7th grade.

Some things never change... Gather those rosebuds, watch out for the thorns and try not to make this a race! 😉


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