Post Vacation aka jet lag where am I?

Just in case, there are a few readers, who didn't see my insta snaps, I've just returned from a great vacation. It was a dream being in Israel with my 2 fantabulous daughters.❤️❤️
OK, you're wondering, thinking: what did sixty do?
Did I get my vacation mojo on?

Hmmmm, depends on whom you're asking. If you ask my kids, jury out. If you ask me hells to the yeah and did I discover some interesting stuff about myself? You bet!

Most of my time was spent with the kids, who were ready to pimp me out to the cabdriver? Nothing's wrong with a nice cabdriver especially if he doesn't speak English. Just think of a glorious time having drinks looking at the sunset on the Mediterranean  NOT having to listen to dating convo. 😉
Whatever. Did see them slip my email to him on his card for his next time here, which is relatively often. Oy double gevalt on rye! 

One of the days, after hours spent on the beach, I decided to go exploring by myself. I love going around strange cities alone. To some, that's a daunting prospect. To me, it's the best. In and out of galleries and other kinds of exhibits, I was in culture vulture heaven. Tel Aviv is a wonderful, very cosmopolitan city: just my speed. 

As you know, I have no problem, asking a stranger to take my picture. Did several times, one of which I posted.

So shy we know am not. I stopped into a cafe ready for a drink and a man about 55 sat next to me. He was from Tel Aviv and cultured, smart and funny and oh so easy on the eyes. We hit it off  
immediately. Why, because it was CASUAL and unplanned. No dating angst! Heaven. Great chemistry and lots of laughs. 

Sat there over our drinks for awhile and I realized that it was time to meet the dollies for dinner. We walked hand in hand to get a cab. He kissed me goodbye and off I went.

You're thinking WTF? What's happened to Sixty? The answer is nothing or something or???Drinks with stranger was lovely and finite. Missed opportunity? Nah, we both did exactly what we wanted to do. I know that if I had thrown a little more za za zou into it, perhaps, there might have been more. Who knows? This is what was on the menu and I ate it with gusto! 

Did I freak out in the taxi? Nope!!! What I felt oddly, was proud of myself. Haven't been in a foreign country in ages and certainly not in a bar alone. Talking to a stranger came easily. What this little tete a tete  succeeded in doing is making me feel present. 

If that sounds nuts, so be it. It was like being awakened from some long nap: Rip Van Winkle Cohen😉😂

I realized on so many dates I have been too busy anticipating what to do next or what date was going to do or say, that I wasn't even there. Not all the time but some. With this guy, I was present and enjoying the moment!! GO ME! 

It's been a little bit of a self induced dry spell lately and I feel that I'm back. And, yes, there's a person who I'm interested in whose been in and mostly out of my life for a few months so need to figure out what that is. Love being kept guessing. NOT!!

Rest of vaca had a few more drinks with strangers; one a little bit more than a drink but hell, that's what vacations are sometimes for. A little harmless canoodling in the back of a cab.
Why not? 

Vacation was splendiferous. Not only did I get to be with my kids in a gorgeous setting, I got in a little play mixed with casual soul searching! 


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