Dating redux 2019 style

So New Year's Eve is long gone and hope that you had a great time and are ready to have a fantastic, happy, healthy, fun New Year. A fabulous romance with a terrific guy would be pretty damn fab, too. 

As you all know, I have been carrying on ad nauseum about putting myself back on match and all the joys that come with just getting it done. The profile is perfection, NO IT F'IN ISN'T because I am fabulous incarnate but perfect, NAH. 

Ok, so it's done and it's up and let the games begin. What I am discovering is that the doo doo can get very deep if you allow it. Now, that's not an new story but it fascinates me that people actually write these profiles that bear no resemblance to who they actually are.

Now, that's enough about the profiles. Advice re reading them: do a quick run through and ONLY and I mean ONLY if the person sounds like a geunine real life person, then read it and assess. And yes, with all that, you can still get a jackass but you can also, get a real gem. It's literally the luck of the draw and as my male bff says, it's a numbers game.  OY......

I haven't been on that long but the first few guys were guys who I  had gone out with and never saw again but they didn't remember that they had gone out with me. Cool, but one putz, sorry a putz is a putz, started an operetta with me that I was mistaken. Block and move on. The hell with that.

Now, let's get to the nitty gritty. If you are oozing fabulosity like me and all of us are and have posted pictures which are current and you look good, you are going to get  a fair amount of attention. OF COURSE, YOU ARE. 

 Please note, that even if you put in geographic  parameters, you are still going to get people who live in East Yuppetsville, 100+ miles from where you live. Now, nothing wrong with East or West Yuppetsville but if it's too far away, bag it, box it and send a kind email saying that you are not into long distance relationships.

Long distance works how's about almost never so why start chit chatting with someone who you are never going to perpetuate a  relationship withI? If the guy is not within your time zone or if you're annoying like me, within 20 miles of where I live, then don't even go there. If you think that long distance could be a plan, go for it. A chacun a son gout.

Now, I'm a city girl. Everyone isn't but if someone who lives 20 miles from manhattan but views manhattan like some kind of evil empire. NOT FOR ME. 

Nowwwwwwwwwwwww, the first date. Now this was my first First  date in about 6 weeks and the first first date from an online dating site in many months.  

Back to first match date, I wasn't quite sure why I was going because the guy had already told me that he didn't think that we had anything in common. I replied then let's not go out. Of course, then I became eminently more interesting because yah, now, I wasn't so interested so that made him more so. UGH.  Now, why in hell did I go? Curiosity. In truth, we did have a lot in common but that's not the point. 

He picked a mellow neighborhood place with much needed ambient lighting so he definitely got props for that. BTW,   I broke one of my cardinal rules even considering going out with him because I don't do separated. My theory is either you're done or you're not done and boy, was this guy not done. 

Ok, rules meant to be broken, 11 years separated, now I was ready to bolt but stayed for a little while longer. Turned out that he knew everything there is to know about everything and had done everything and traveled everywhere/NOT and wanted to discuss the merits of ordering a personal pizza not because of the money but because it's unhealthy. PUHLEEZE!
I did offer to pay for my poison dba pizza but he declined my offer. Shit, that meant I had to possibly sit there even longer. 
Ate some and then  told him I had to get home for eli, thanked him and skipped down the street to my via. PASADENA, thank you. The good thing is that my new gorgeous and sexy boots are relatively comfy and I didn't trip skipping. ALL GOOD>

Well, where am I now? Had  a date scheduled today but he had to cancel. I was bummed but am not 2 and he had and it sounded legit, something that had come up with one of his kids. I get that as if my kids need me, any plans I might have get deep sixed.
Was really looking forward to meeting this guy and we have rescheduled. Stay tuned.

There are a few gents  in the holding pen and one with whom I've made plans. I don't go in for endless emails, texts, calls so if someone sounds good, am into meeting him. That's my MO, not for everyone but who in hell has the time to send 25 texts/emails and make heaven knows how many calls. NOT ME. 

Anyway, the takeaway on all this is online dating hasn't  changed   but my attitude has. I'm trying harder to actually look at the site, am more open minded, less opinionated and am working on trying not to get my tush in an uproar because someone is a jackass. That's his problem, not mine, right? 

So, the adventure continues. As always, follow your gut. And, yah, i knew that mr. separated for over a decade was not going to be a win but I was curious and wanted to test out my dating mojo.

So let's  stay positive, wear your lipstick, be charming beyond charming and SMILE. He's out there but it's a numbers game and it might take some time to find the "right" Mr. 


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