Time on my hands

Hello all you gorgeous people!!

Well, I’ve been sick, which has left me with time on my hands and LOTS of time to think.

Sixty has a tendency to overthink, over analyze. Hell, why don’t I say what I do? Obsess!!
It’s ineffective and downright ridiculous so am workimg on it and it’s a work in progress. It’s hard to unlearn behavior that I’ve held onto since the beginning of time. Besides which I eventually get on my own nerves and Eli’s over it big time, too.

One of the things I’ve been thinking about is the whole dating conundrum. Don’t date, don’t find someone, do date, maybe find someone!! Basta, am over going around and around like a hamster on the wheel on that one. I want to meet someone! DUH! Angst about dating. Come on, Ingmar Bergman is not me but apparently....

The match thing has been interesting and far less irritating as I usually find it. Of course, there was the guy who was buying me memberships to museums and calling me darling. OK, darling is far from the worst thing, but the over sharing and the over texting etc. not so much and did I mention we’d never met!!!’🤪

 Put brakes on that over the top much guy!  I have some nerve. Look whose talking about being over the top. Now dramatic, absolutely, but bordering on lunatic, no. Then again if you asked my kids, especially my son-in-law, crazy would be the verdict. More no filter,  talk too much, annoying is my analysis!

What’s different about match this time? Well, aside from the cuckoo guy and the guy who I dated once before and guy who texted through the entire lunch, it’s been mostly ok.

Can you freaking believe it? New attitude and revised expectations. Of course, I want what most of us want a guy whose kind,  fun, intelligent, has his own bank account etc etc etc. Not too much to require at all.

Back to intelligence. Relatively recently, I test drove, NOT THAT WAY😉someone who was not the sharpest knife in the draw. To make matters worse, he knew everything about everything and opined on topics about which he knew nothing. GROAN! I tried to push aside my issue with someone who didn’t have much upstairs and  kept saying to myself, he’s nice, he’ll be kind blah blah and he won’t bust my chops etc.Wrong! Just so you know, I rarely use nice because it’s the most vanilla nondescript adjective of life.

###Sidebar: I think this nice thing stems from when I was little and my mother would make some kind of piece of cow and at the end of the meal, while lighting up his cigar, my father would say with gusto, that was  a nice piece of meat. How did he know? Did he take it for coffee?? Who describes meat as nice???!’Now did he ever tell my mother that she looked nice? I never heard it and I listened to everything.

Anyway, I digressed to shtick. Blame it on Mrs. Maisel!

Bottom line is that I’ve met a few nice men and I’m not being over critical and guarded. Wow, finally realized that the latter things basically doomed me to not making it happen. It’s about time to stop sabotaging myself, ya think? If any of you do similar things, try to stop, otherwise, it’s like pushing the proverbial rock up the hill. Think Sisyphus.

Now, you all have to be thinking: soooo, WHERE’S THE STORIES, THE JUICY TIDBITS  the GOOD BAD AND THE MEH AND THE HORIZONTAL CHA CHA???Well, my dears, I’ve been sick and the only horizontal I’ve been doing has been lying on my couch supine warching Netflix! About as far away from the horizontal cha cha as one could get.

when I finally finish with being sick, I’ll be ready to roll. Few of these guys with whom I had dates and had to cancel because the sick thing think, I’m playing hard to get! 😂😂😂 and that makes them more interested. Some things never change and yes, some do!


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