Scary to date and other tidbits......

Is dating scary? It's not for wusses, that much I will tell you! And yes, my dears, no one that takes that leap of faith is a scaredy-cat!

Are the men we meet scary or is the concept of meeting someone and liking him more scary than anything?

First of all, scary is hardly the way I would even describe the worst date. Obnoxious, rude and generally  yuck would  be about as far as I would go. .  I think that some of these guys might even have been afraid of me. You know that’s because am scary,right?!😉

Recently, I thought I gave good phone and the guy, a therapist, and excuse me, I am not disparaging an entire profession, but quite honestly, the phone call resembled a phone session, not a conversation between 2 peers.

 And haven't many of us done both so yes, we do know the difference between a phone convo and a phone session with a therapist.

Half way through the convo, he blurted out that I had a strong personality. Should I have been insulted? Not insulted exactly....  I was offended by his characterization  because the way he said it connoted that I fell into the ball breaking school of thought held by some men when faced with a woman who stands up to them and actually, expresses an opinion. After all, isn't it 1957? Couldn't be further from the truth. BTW, offended is way different than insulted of that you can be sure.

I hung up with the excuse that I had to do my taxes, yeah, right, filed for an extension. Of course, I did. Sixty has deadline issues. Work in progress on the procrastination thing.

Recently, a friend whom I have  known for close to 50 years brought up that I always went for the gorgeous bad boys.   Of course, she was talking about when we were kids but it didn't change much until I finally woke up and EUREKA realized that I deserved someone so much better than a player.
BTW, we all do.

The bad boy can still get a rise out of me but I don't succumb to his “charms”. What's the point? Have I not learned that lesson. DAMN STRAIGHT!! BTW, was there a reason that this friend brought up ancient history? Your guess is as good as mine but I let it go as there's no point.

Anyway, I am meandering and that's because I have to get ready for a date and in typical sixty ADD fashion, am writing,  am baking, taking out serving pieces and haven't even got in the shower yet. I already know what I'm wearing so that takes at least 20 minutes and copious amounts of sweat out of the equation so I've got time... and if not, that's why Uber was created. 

So am going out on a repeat date with a very sweet guy tonight and am happy to be seeing him. Is my heart going pitter patter? I don't know but I do know I enjoy my time with him. Is he IT? Who knows? He's kind, funny, bright well traveled and all that good stuff.

.In my head am I doing the old sixty things which is creating a laundry list of what i don't like???NO.

Finally, so we shall see. Is there zaa zaa zou? Not yet and that's interesting to me but just read recently that zaa zaa zou isn't always the first thing that happens. No horizontal cha cha as of yet, nor will there be tonight. Hmmm, you're saying. Is this sixty??? How about the best relationships starts out with a friendship or do they? 

Stay tuned. 

BTW, the cake is to die for. I just picked the bottom of it, and oh yeah, that's good. Of course, I made sure that where I picked would not be visible to my guests. Yes, Sixty's book club starts tomorrow/Sunday afternoon. There's champagne, tons of cheese, bagels and lox so that should result in a lively conversation. And let's not forget that cake!

What's the takeaway from all this and no, i am not talking about my fabulous cake or my nascent book club? Who knows but it's all a learning experience and lots of learning experiences can be fabulous.....


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