Ok, in light of the last several dates or non dates I've had recently, I've not been thinking about all the near misses but have been thinking about what's what. 

Sixty likes a good horizontal cha cha session as much as anyone and in some cases more. BTW, why are so many women over 50 totally giving up on sex and it's not because they don't have a partner. It's not fun or it's boring or worse, it doesn't feel good. How about a toy? And if you don't have someone to have that kind of play date with, how about a toy? Have I made my point?

Now, just saw the Dr Ruth movie and she is a pip and you can be damn sure that she's never given up on sex even at 90 nor should she or anyone but again, personal choice. What Dr Sixty would say and I'm taking some liberties with some of what Dr Ruth would say. If it's broke try to fix it. If it's physical go to a doctor. If it's a emotional, go to a therapist. If you're bored with you partner spice it up. JUST FIX IT, if you can. 
If you are no longer into him and I just am not talking sexually, time to move on. 

And again, you can always make it happen for yourself. Know what I mean?? GET A TOY!! 

When is the right time to do the horizontal cha cha with a new person? There is no right time. It's when the spirit moves you or something more "concrete". Wink wink!:) But seriously.....

I've more than once in my life resented feeling like I was trading in sexual currency before I even knew the person. Now, mind you, this was PERSONAL CHOICE and not because of any coercion, maybe a little begging from the guy, only kidding but not really.

Lately, I've been thinking that NOT that am too old for sex, that's like dancing and never happening but more, sex should be on the table but you've heard it here first, not just because of the stupid 3rd date rule or any other freaking dating rules. Sixty never been a rule follower. 

If some guy your seeing gives you that 3rd date crapola and you're not into it,  you can give him the heave ho as he's not worth your time. Of course at that famous 3rd date, maybe you're ready. Hell, you may be ready on the 1st. GO YOU!!!Sex should not be an obligation. It's something that's supposed to be fun and hell, it's a great stress mitigator.

For me, I sense a change in my attitude and I am not entirely sure what that comes from. I think doing that interview with @thesilverwomen gave me a lot to think about and perhaps, there was something in what we talked about on some level, has made a difference. 

What I really think is that holy shizz, I met a guy whom I like and have been getting to know him and Eureka, I just haven't been ready to do the cha cha cha yet with him. Because he is a gentleman, he  didn't make a parade out of it. What I wanted to do is feel really comfortable with him, laugh with him and then do the horizontal. Guess what, I want to be his friend and lover but friend first and we're there. Now, this is relatively new and who knows what could happen or not happen? 

So, there could be other dates with other men or there could be not. As for doing the horizontal with more than one person, not for me. Not because am a prude, far from it but it just doesn't work for me. 

What's the takeaway? Sex is one of life's best pleasures and it's free. Passion is fabulous, friendship is great and when you have both that could just be the best.  Now, ladies remember if you feel like ripping off your clothes on the way up to your new "friend's apartment, GO YOU, just don't dislocate anything. 



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