On the cusp of going  to Paris with my youngest daughter, I've been thinking about earlier vacations with kids, significant others, alone etc. 

Why is the concept of going alone so daunting? 30+ years ago, I decided to go to Italy by myself. Now, there were reasons for this departure. A  very long term relationship with probably at that point and who knows until when, the love of my life, whatever that means. The world that we had constructed together was gone and it felt like my life was somehow enveloped in shadows. Ok, sixty doesn't see so great but let's not nitpick. I think you got my meaning. I was wandering around nyc like I had lost my best friend. oh wait, i sort of had....but a wise woman I know would say NO ONE DIED!!!!

On top of that, my younger brother got married to a fabulous girl and I was thrilled that not only had he found a terrific woman but the added bonus was marrying into a wonderful family. 

So, what's the problem? First, I walked my brother down the aisle as my father wouldn't as he didn't like too much attention paid to him because of his disability. It was emotionally wrenching. Where was my mother my brain screamed and why was my father being such a stubborn mule? Because he could and that's that. 

And then, if i  had one  more old aunt or cousin come up to me and hold my hand and look deeply into my eyes and say "menschen af dir" loosely translated to it should happen to you, I was going to either smack one of them or I don't know what. For some reason, I had affixed myself to a piece of rye bread and was using it like the modern day stress ball. Listen, a girl has to improvise on the cusp of a tantrum. LOL but really. 

After the 10th of those conversations, I marched up to my father and said I was leaving if one more well meaning old lady came up to me with tears in her eyes. Bless my father who was not one to advocate for either of his children saw in my eyes that I was ready to freak out.  He gave a hand signal to his sister, who was terrified of him and she quickly proceeded to tell everyone to cut it out. YAY. 

BTW, I took said LOML to my brother's wedding. I thought it would be better than going alone. How's about NOT NOT NOT? 

Yes, sixty meandered but only to explain what my motivation was to take this adventure when heretofore every vacation was either with a boyfriend, a girlfriend or my family. 

It was daunting and I remember almost every detail.. I got off the plane in Rome blinded by glistening sunshine, took a deep breath and said a quiet woohoo and went and checked into my hotel.

Not going into to every last detail but suffice it to say, it was an amazing adventure and a huge growth experience. I met wonderful people men, women and couples. Never did I have a dinner alone. Vacation interludes, there was one and it was fabulous and omg, was he gorgeous and it was just what it was a moment but boy, did I need it just that kind of cha cha at the particular moment. ALL GOOD or should I say all FABULOUS. 

The only time I got freaked out and a little depressed was in Venice, gorgeous to die for city and very romantic. Weird to be alone but went everywhere including Harry's Bar. Hell, I had read enough Hemingway to know I had to have a drink there. People watching to the max, I heard someone saying my name. Okay, as we've discussed sixty's has one of those oh so common names but this was Italy so not so common. Who was it  but 2 women who I knew from the fashion industry. We proceeded to have a very boozy lunch and shoperama and an equally boozey dinner. The next night I begged off as I realized I was really enjoying the alone thing. Went to Lido and a swoon worthy man, whose name I never knew let me play on his cards. Won oodles of money and in typical fashion blew it all the next day shopping. FUN

Back to today. Going on vacation  with my daughter to one of the most fabulous cities ever will be fabulous because it will be chill and we will do enough but not too much and of course, eat and drink everything in sight. lol. Am so thrilled to be going and so excited to be going with her and did i mention celebrating my birthday in Paris? HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.. It's not the first girls only vaca but the first one with just her. Next girls trip with both of them. :)

Nowwww, I've been alluding to going to Greece this summer. Well, drumroll, I'm going with Mr. Nice Guy and if you think I"m not a little freaked, then you haven't figured out sixty yet. Yes, I'm not afraid of anything and all that jazz but....

Vacation with a man whom I'm dating. Well, I haven't done that in ages. I don't count weekend jaunts to the hamptons or the north fork or boston or whatever. Am talking  A BIG VACATION

Am pumped and excited to be going with him and super psyched to go to Greece, where I've never been  but wow, a leap of faith much. Well, about damn time that I did something like this. What the hell have I been waiting for? It's the prince explanation necessary. 

 When I told my kids that I was  going away they were very excited but in typical role reversal fashion which happens when one's children are adults, they want to meet him to see who's mumsey going on vaca with? and to make sure that he doesn't seem the type to throw me overboard on the ferry to Crete. JUST KIDDING

So kids, what's the takeaway/???? Sixty going on vaca with a fella. YAY!! Now, just so you know, if you haven't gotten it from all the above and many posts and stories, it's a BIG DEAL. but like everything else in this enlightening year, I've made the decision to do what I want as if not now WHEN??? 



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