Vacation and who you calling Mature?

So Sixty went on vacation and had a good time. It's not easy to break life long habits of being cranky and miserable/JK but morning not my time, but it worked. Mr. Nice very easy to travel with and who doesn't have a good time being in paradise?? And I discovered something really noteworthy well I just didn't discover it but I put it into  use. What's the IT? Not saying every g damn thing that comes into my head but rather stopping and listening harder and not just playing to the audience. Doesn't mean one cannot laugh uproariously over something silly get where I'm going. 

It had been a long time since I traveled for any length of time with anyone but my 2 children so this was going to be quite the difference.

Had  a long conversation with myself before I  left and had plenty of time to continue the conversation on the interminable plane flight. Self, I said, let's start fresh and not bring all that crapola that has always accompanied you into relationships. How about appreciating someone who is kind and good to you and not nitpicking? Yes, that was new to me and still is and we should all have such issues. What you might be asking is why did sixty seem to pick a lot of jerks?

Life long stupid habits though are hard to break and letting myself breathe and have fun with a man who likes me for me and doesn't correct my speech or tell me what to wear and you got the idea. REFRESHING. He likes me not expecting me to be anyone else but who I am. PHEW, it's exhausting trying to be different and why the hello should I??? FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the other charming thing, heavy sarcasm on the use of charming, is pushing the good guys away for fear that they'd like me and oh no, too scary, am out.

So took this giant leap of faith and went on a vacation with someone whom I don't know that well and guess what, it was great. Were there blips, for sure but nothing major. So the question that begs to be answered is am I finally, finally going to let someone in who's a good guy? Am trying as the walls are thick and deep and breaching them is not for the faint of heart or mind. WORK IN PROGRESS, KIDS, WORK IN PROGRESS.

Soooooooooooo, where does the mature thing come in? I've always had a basic antipathy to that word. Why? Who knows but does sixty ever need a reason? The word mature always sounded not just old in body but old in the head and that's not SIXTY and that's not YOU. Well, I should have reached for a dictionary long ago but, no time like the present.

According to not only Webster but Wikepedia the word mature means one has the mental and emotional qualities of being an adult. Ok, adult huh but yah, getting it. And so on including the ability to take responsibility foe one's actions, is unshaken by excess flattery also known as BS, can make long term commitments etc., etc., etc. You get the meaning and I actually get the meaning.

Mature doesn't have to be old farty stick in the mud etc. It's being real and being present and dealing with life without the drama and the histrionics of a child. OY, guilty of some of that but  again, WORK IN PROGRESS.

So am driving to the fact that I am dating by above definition like an "adult". New territory as heretofore not so much in sixty's toy box but am getting there. Am accepting and understanding that it's fun to be in a relationship a real relationship with someone who is caring and kind and a mensch.

Go figure, sixty educable on this matter. WOW. Am impressed what about you? So getting back to you. If you've spent some time or much time of your adult life in relationships with men who had the emotional maturity of a turnip and a very low mensch quotient, get over it.

Look who's saying get over it. Not so easy but as long as you're willing to try, you never know who can be in your future.

It's a big world out there and why not grab onto all it has to offer starting with liking yourself enough to find someone who "likes" you, too. 


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