Mr. Nice Redux...

I got so many DM's about the Mr. Nice post that I thought I should address some of them.

The most prevalent question has been, why did I stick when I knew it wasn't right? The answer would normally be, I don't know because that's my go to,  but I see that you readers are asking for more so I have had  to dig a little harder and come up with more of the real deal. I thank one particular faithful reader for the final push that put me on this road.

One of the reasons that jumps out is that I didn't want to go back on the crazy dating wheel. It's stressful and it takes up a lot of emotional bandwidth and time, and I just cannot be one of those women or men, who spend their lives swiping etc.  NO JUDGEMENT!! For me, that process is more difficult than the actual dating, legit. 

And don't get me started about the endless outfit machinations, although i have gotten better.  Of course, am always thrilled to get to the date and the guy is dressed worse than a dog's breakfast. C'mon, guys, spruce yourselves up. That polo  has just got to go...

UGH. I don't need white tie and tails but showered and put together, YES. and a modicum of style is always nice but not key, well maybe a little but whatever...

So, I have to corkscrew my tush  to a chair and put on the timer to get myself to do go on a dating site. 
And no, I haven't been ready to polish up my profile yet but will be sooner than later.

The one painful truth that propelled me into staying with Mr. Nice  is that there was an element of fear that this was as good as it was ever going to get. Now, sixty doesn't quit and sixty doesn't settle but something had overtaken me, albeit briefly. 

What exacerbated that feeling was having dear friends tell me repeatedly, don't f--- this up. Why was it the assumption that it was going to be me? Plus, what was the "it' that I was going to be guilty of f'ing up.

Whatever, advice when unsolicited is bad enough and I know that this came from a good place but it should have gone unsaid. It was not helpful nor was it kind. BTW, sixty when faced with this kind of advice clams up. yup, old blabbermouth shuts up. Go figure.

Anyway, I  started coming out of my complacency coma  in Greece and then shortly afterwards but I still hesitated. Why, sheesh, why? That, dear readers is in the past and as said in the earlier post about Mr. Nice, I've moved on because that's what "grown ups" do. 

So what if I trip and fall or fail on the next go round? That's life. I've loved and lost and not loved at all. Rather the former than the latter so I"ll be going out sooner than later with positive intent and a smile on my face and of course, ambient lighting. 

If the song, "Is that all there is" ever becomes part of my repertoire again, I will tell myself to snap out of it and  know that it's time to pack it up and move on down the road or dance on down the road, preferably!!

And so it goes...Stay tuned!!!


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