The Set-up?...

I know that in my posts, I may have mentioned, yeah right, who am I kidding, at least 10 times mentioned that I was getting set-up. 

Set-ups are not common so my interest was piqued and it would have kept me from the datingarama of online dating. 

Let's just say the set-up always sounds like a good idea in theory. The person has been "vetted" by a friend or relative so that should supposedly rule out those with the most anti-social behavioral issues or worse.

So a friend of longstanding, let's call her Kathy suggested that she set me up with her cousin, friend, omg, I've actually forgotten what the relationship was between set up guy and her. All I know is that it wasn't her ex husband.Wink, wink!  All good!

 Last time, I was set-up, I met this very lovely guy, albeit not the brightest bulb in the sky, but whatever.  There was only one problem actually several but the ones most worth mentioning were that  he was still pining away for his wife who had died several years before. That's tough stuff and I was totally sympathetic to his feelings although, having Mimi on every date with us was a little disconcerting. What was most vexing though and I didn't know this but he was in love with a woman from his bereavement group. 

So WTH was he doing with me? It lasted only a few months and we didn't even get to the horizontal cha cha which should have spoken volumes. Anyway, that was then and this was now, so giving it a whirl with the new set up guy sounded good. 

So  onto set-up number 2. Guy sounded like someone who I would like to meet and with whom I would have a lot in common. Good start. 

Kathy gave him my number and called me excitedly to say that he couldn't wait to meet me. Ok, all good. I was neutral because why get hysterical until the first date is set and then gone on it to see if it's a good match. I actually barely perused my closet for possible first date clothes. LOL

As earlier and many times said, yah, I know I repeat myself but sometimes necessary as in now. Set-ups, how's about almost never and here were 2 in 2 years. Not bad, but good that  I wasn't holding my breath between 1 and 2.

I didn't expect that set-up guy would be calling 10 minutes after she gave him my number but I expected he would call. I wasn't going to sit home waiting for the phone to ring nor did I invest much thought on it as there are always a lot of moving pieces.

So I waited and no call so I called Kathy to ask if she had coerced him by telling him he wouldn't be invited to Christmas eve festivities if he didn't call me. Of course, she hadn't. She had good intentions and let's leave it at that. 

Anyway, set-up guy never called. Did another flavor come his way or did he bridle against the whole set-up thing? I don't know and that be that. Now, you might ask, why didn't I call him? Since when did Sixty become shy or steeped in 1958 culture that only the man can call first. Online dating, I reach out to guys all the time as why the hell not but on this set-up thing, I felt awkward as if he really wasn't interested, why go there?

I did ask Kathy,  who was kind enough to think of me and was hideously embarrassed.I told her not to worry as this kind of thing happens all the time both on line and in real life.

If another well meaning friend ever asks me if I want to be set-up, I would positively say yes because one never knows.

Am not disappointed because to me, it was always a crap shoot and if anyone knows anything about shooting craps, you get my drift, it mostly doesn't go the way you would "like". 

What's sixty to do? Now, I never put off the online thing because of set-up guy but must admit, I didn't exactly sit up at night putting my profile together.

And still haven't. Will I?  Of course, of course, of course. Yes, I'm trying to convince myself but legit, I will. I've decided that's my project in the next few weeks and come January 1 or thereabouts, I am going to put up a great profile accompanied by some knock out pics.

The reality is that I just have not been in the mood to do the meet and greets. I figuratively slapped myself silly and like Cher in Moonstruck said GET OVER IT and I have.

Keep on dancing and never forget the only one to make it fabulous is you. 


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