One month in and am almost outish

I figured it was a good time to write a post and take everyone away from the TV and the news about the virus. Scary stuff. Time for a little levity in between washing your hands and washing your hands. 

Btw, I was thinking that while this is going on, I should get a customized hazmet suit to wear on all first dates. Just think how easy it will be to get ready. πŸ˜‰ If you can't touch your own face how are you supposed to kiss someone good night and am not even going to the horizontal cha cha. Obvi, it's a great way to break the 3rd date rule with scientific info. Don't you think? 

So, been on one site for one month and well, it's been interesting, fun, aggravating and ultimately, enough so am off. 

In the month I was on Match, I received daily matches with men coming from north yahuppitzville even though my geographic parameters are clearly listed. Why? The reason is that the pickings get slim for women over 50 let alone 60 and they have to broaden the search. Now, I have men friends who are on the same site and guess what, they get women literally in their neighborhoods. 

Complaining about it isn't going to change it but wow! How is it still a man's world in the dating world? How, because it is and it's not fair but it is what it is. It's irritating as hell but a fact is a fact.

Now, I am not averse to dating someone from the NYC suburbs, however, am a city girl and especially for a first date they need to come to me. Not to be a brat but is it my fault that someone decides to live in yahuppitzville? Of course, if one starts a relationship, then the shlepping to points north, east, west becomes part of your life. Whatever.

 Not my jam but if the guy is right, I'll move my tush Usually, I have found that even if the man works here in nyc, he finds coming into the city to be a huge burden but no biggie, if the woman comes to him. That falls in πŸ™„πŸ™„

OK, let's talk about Mr. Separated Guy. First of all, I have had the separated "rule" for awhile as separated often means married but decided to drop the jadedness and go for it. Never know whom one can find. Already discussed mr separated guy dba Marty, obvi, not his real name. Gave good first date. Second date even better. But and this is the big but,  I am no longer looking for the guy who is not available and just a little dangerous and I don't mean that literally, but I think that you get my drift. 

Marty was ready to party. Cool, Sixty likes a good time, too. What i don't want is someone who has no end game meaning not really into a relationship, sex of course, yes, but relationship, nah, not when he's still shopping. Ok, so I am proud to report that after date 2, I recognized that there was no end game with him. BTW, he was irritated as hell that I didn't go home with him or invite him to my place. Oh well, wasn't feeling it.  
Out of curiosity, I waited to see if he called this week and he didn't so I texted him, thanked him and said we were coming from 2 different directions. NEXT.  BTW, even though he was fun,  he is  also, a braggart and meh but the tall thing got me and he was a good kisser. but NEXT and did i mention that he didn't  say how are you? hello manners?????!!!!!

Now, Stewie same week, gave good date. Suburban but was cool about the city so far. Date 2 had to cancel as for a change have a cold and he was very nice so stay tuned. 

As luck would have it, my month subscription at match expired this week. Ok, the logical question is why do I buy month to month? Answer: am superstitious oh unroll your eyes and let it go, it's my thing as I feel if i buy a 6 monther, am doomed to find no one in that time. Plus, am cheap. Why should they have my money? After a decade of being on and off this site, I probably have wasted a stupid amount of money but oh well. 

So, I didn't re-up. Had enough. Not forever but at least for this month. I decided to get passed myself with the pointer finger blister and downloaded bumble. So far, same gig with the geographical parameters but it's what it is. 

Liked what I have seen and getting a decent return rate on my swipes. Ok, the guy who talked my ear off yesterday for 1. 5 hours is a hard no as not only didn't he shut up about himself but last 10 minutes was about how he is thinking that he might want to get back together with his old girlfriend. Ok, that finally got me off the phone as why is he calling me?? and who needs that? Not me and not you either.

Well, today, I got a handsome doctor, my mother would be so thrilled and i shall answer his swipe and see if he answers me. And that be that.

What's the takeaway? When you're healthy, you're wealthy so keep washing those hands. 

And as much as things have changed for women in oh so good ways, the dating thing is heavily stacked against us women but we will keep pushing that rock up the hill. 
On that note, Happy Women's History Month!!

Keep dancing and remember to always MAKE IT A GREAT DAY BY MAKING IT FABULOUS. 


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