What's normal???

Many years ago, I realized that I was never going to fit into that "normal" box for which I was most grateful.

OK, dear readers, you are thinking where is sixty driving to now and get to the point...

Well, nothing about our lives at this time is normal. Things that we took for granted like hugging, holding hands, going out to dinner, having a lousy date and you get my drift are no longer on the table of day to day occurrences. It's stunning how in one minute life can be altered. But we also, have to remain optimistic and hope that this too shall pass.

 And yes, at this point, I even miss the crummy dates and this of course, does not count the lunatics.  And a fabulous kiss, who doesn't miss that if you live alone? If you have a S.O. kiss away or kiss your delicious little ones.  BTW, the sloppy licking my face kisses, not so much missing.

So is sixty going to write seriously? Nah, as I've decided that's not what anyone needs. I have put myself on a news diet. Certainly, not a food one, but that's a whole other story. It's too much and it's overwhelming. The true definition of TMI!!

I have embraced full tilt boogie the spraying and the wiping and the spraying to the point that I have wiped off much of the finish on my floors and the walls, well, I was due for a paint job which I've been putting off but now, holy crap, it's a necessity. And my hands, definitely have rubbed off several layers of skin, my hair looks like ugh and etc etc etc. We are all going to need untold hours of personal maintenance when this is finally over. And the only one I might be scaring is Eli but he can't see much and doesn't care. lol

Now, as said not much dating or site trolling as for what but I have mentioned that there are guys who think, hey wanna go out?  Clearly, they do not live on the planet earth...

But what I have not mentioned that as a result of the work at home, stay at home thing, the trolls are out there big time. Yes, am talking about the ones who send messages that are vulgar but not funny. Nothing wrong with a well honed vulgar joke but this EWWW on steroids. And who needs to see full front someone showing off their shortcomings!!! And the ones that want to tell you everything they would like me to do to them. Did I ask? 

 And as one of my insta best buds said, why don't these pervs watch porn like "normal" guys? Every time, I block, 10 more follow. It's like a mini invasion...And this is not just on the sites but my DM's runneth over with this crap.

And the guys who contact me because they want me to fulfill their fantasy of being with an older woman. Am talking about men who are younger than my kids or about their age. Now, in good times, sixty is happy to scroll younger, why not? But 25 plus years, nah especially when it has nothing to do with me and my fabulosity but some kind of fantasy that I am not interested in fulfilling. Sorry, again, there must be porn sites for that, right? ###Sidebar, if young young guys is your thing, GO YOU. No judgment but it's not my jam. Then again, who knows? 

All in all, all trivial, but ain't it grand to escape reality? As I have said umpteen times before, reality is highly overrated and that really resonates now. Ya think??

So, I am doubling down on trying to add some levity as it's so needed. The jokes I have seen on insta seem funnier now and maybe they are because we all need a good laugh. 

Now,  we won't discuss yesterday when sixty lurched into a full blown anxiety attack. It passed not before I freaked out the youngest of my gorgalicious girls so trust me, sixty is not impervious to freaking out....Is anyone?

So, takeaway, must laugh several  times daily even if it's the stupidest most puerile joke or post because it's medicinal. Am  I minimizing what's going on out there?? OF COURSE, NOT!! Just trying to help make it a tiny bit more bearable.

Keep washing those hands,  stay inside, go for long walks, breathe, send lots of virtual hugs, talk and facetime with family and friends, drink some good wine and as I've said before,  hopefully, you have batteries😜


And never forget, keep dancing!!😘😘


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