What's next??

I have been able to do  my almost daily posts and be quintessential sixty but being able to write these posts has been challenging. How much funny is too much how much is too little etc?
 What shook me out of my torpor*** was writing something for a local paper. As I said in post, it's a contest. Now we know sixty loves winning contests so why not try for this one. I may not get picked but it was so much fun writing it. 

**sidebar* you know sixty loves the sidebars. have you missed them? I decided to use torpor as I was actually thrilled that I found a word that had nothing to do with cleaning and one that is not often used.  It's a good one. Enjoy it. 

So where are we all? No one knows what the new normal will look like and depending where you are in the world is what you are able to do. In NYC, we are still pretty much inside and I've grown used to having daily chats with Eli. I know he would like me to get the hell out of dodge but am still here, still using what he thinks is his yoga mat. 

Then again, he thinks that everything is his and am just his person who gives him all of his meds which over this period he has found new and inventive places to hide. I only find them now because I clean who knows how many times a day and much is on my hands and knees. yup, cup of cuckoo about the cleaning disinfecting etc. As I've said the only domestic thing I like to do is cook. Cleaning so not my jam. Broken early in quarantine was probably my 15th vacuum cleaner. Don't ask. 

Today my children sent me lovely flowers. My first instinct was to spray them with either hydrogen peroxide or alcohol and let that dry and then spray all with lysol. Nah, didn't do that but can't say i wasn't tempted and didn't do some of it. 

Anyway, Sixty is not a news reporter nor does she dip her pinky toe in the murky political waters so I've chosen throughout this horrendous time to keep it light. I needed to do same and I think that the readers appreciate a good laugh and not another news flash unless it's about something fabulous like a battery free vibrator. BTW, I've had lots of DM's from some very frustrated women because they've run out of batteries and apparently, batteries are pretty high up on the food chain of things not available. Nothing beats the insatiable need  for some to have a 100 rolls of TP in their garage but the batteries thing. Not easy.

No one knows what the new normal is going to look like. As it pertains to sixty and the city and all of us women, wasn't dating hard enough? Now a whole new set of rules.  LOLOLOL 

Anyway, the virtual dating thing is fun but then what? Who knows and who knows when we can meet. When I used to meet someone for the first time, and yes, this won't be the first time with Mr. Dr.  but it will be the first time in 3D, I usually hug. 
Now, the thought of hugging sends shivers down my spine and not of excitement more like terror. Legit.

Yes, if you're alone and haven't had anyone physically touch you in almost 2 months, getting or giving a hug is one of the first things most want to do when we get the all clear. And the first people, I will hug will of course, be my children if they let me and good shot wearing masks. 

So, how do we figure out all of this? I have no idea but it sure is hell going to be some kind of different. Do we sit at separate tables at dinner?  Guess, kissing is off the menu. Holding hands, I would have to insist on gloves. Now, maybe before we date, we will have to ask the person to get the antibody test. Who the hell knows? 

I can't ever wrap my mind around the horizontal cha cha. How is that going to work and YES, i know it's like riding a bike. The mechanics are not what I am talking about.

Anyway, right now, it's good to think of the next step. It was and continues to be a time that should have been in a movie but alas, it's all been and continues to be oh so very real and scary. 

Stay safe, stay vigilant, clap at 7pm for the healthcare heroes who every day risk their lives and by all means at the end of a long day contemplating what your next meal is going to be, do dance. Do smile and do count your blessings and MAKE IT FABULOUS!


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