The New World

There‘ s a Rip Van Winkle feeling to this new world in which we are living. I know that I experienced the last several months but there’s an air of having just woken up and landed in a place where on some levels, nothing is recognizable.  

First, we all know that we’re not done with Covid but here’s hoping the end is closer than the beginning. Yes, we are all wearing masks and if you’re not, please do for the rest of us. It’s proven that it works PLUS, it’s the latest fashion accessory.

Take a good look at nyc and see how far we’ve come. Knock wood and all that jazz. Yea, still superstitious but no one, not even sixty is perfect. At least I didn’t say kinahura😉😉😉

Social distancing, not a biggie. By the way, this is not political but just sixty being sixty and telling it as I see it. 

Here in NYC, there is a new thing called outdoor dining. Duh, Yes, we’ve had that before but not in the middle of the street. There’s legit a charm to it and it feels oddly “normal”. And it’s not cooking. What could be bad??

Dating, now what form has that taken? Yes, I have asked this question before but big difference was I was asking before I had an upfront and personal date as in face to face 3D or whatever the hell you want to call it. Daunting, you bet your sweet tush it is but at the same time, the useless rules that have surrounded dating for forever seem to have fallen away. 

We know sixty dabbled in on line Happy hours which  I’ve acknowledged were reasons to not just dress for Eli but to actually pull it up and put on makeup and not look like a slug. Not going to revisit that other than to say that Mr Dr., you may so not be for me and vice versa but it shined a light for each other when the world was enveloped in shadows.

Ok, so segue forward to now. As I’ve reported, I have met Mr. Country and actually spent a few days at his lake house. Now, just writing this makes me thing that perhaps, I’ve imagined all of this but no, it was real. 

Now, previous to this, I had not been in a car with a stranger other than an Uber driver since February let alone in a car with a man who was taking me away. I don’t do simple things like get my mail so now, I’m going on an adventure...Nothing like going from A to Z and beyond real fast. My neck is still hurting from the whiplash.

When he asked me to do this, at first, I was hells to the no. I didn’t even know if I could sit in the car with him, let alone stay at his house. 
Then prompted by the  wise advice of my 2 grown children, I said why the hell not? Now of course, I could fill 2 books on why not but I didn’t, I just did.

Whole new world. Why??? Because it is and it’s not just because we’re wearing masks. There are so many things that have changed but in reference to dating,  on a certain level, i feel like someone has cut the shackles that I and society attached to me since I first started dating when Brooklyn was a prairie and my hair was still dark brown. 

We hit it off and I managed not to freak out and ultimately, spent a good weekend with another human. Previous to that, the only living being I had spent my weekends with was with Eli. 
Now, was I nervous. No, calm. Yea, right! That’s why we had 2 glasses of wine each at 2pm as he was nervous, too. We had a very frank conversation about how lonely we had been since lockdown and the need for human contact had outweighed the usual protocol. 

Suffice it to say, big learning curve but you know sixty is a quick study. Sitting on a couch with someone’s arm around me felt alien but good at the same time. And so it went. Did we “play”? You figure it out. I do know that I want to spend more time with him and will be going back to his house this coming weekend. Is this the real deal? Who knows and for once and for going forward, doing my damndest to stay in the now and not think about the what ifs? Wasted enough time doing that...Haven’t we all?

So, what’s the takeaway? Sixty has always been a risk taker or as someone said to me once, someone who ran into the flame instead of away from it. Doing that lead to many suspect choices but whatever. It also lead to some great times. But past is past.

Now, the years have tempered my adventurousness, to a certain extent, but not my spirit. Nothing will ever break my spirit although, lockdown came pretty damn close but I held on and did my sixty silliness and took care of Eli and tried my best to stay connected and it worked.  HUGE help was being grateful and counting blessings as it kept me focused on the positive. 

And now am free or as “free” as anyone can be in a global pandemic. Damn, it feels good. Now if i could just go to the mailbox and get my mail and do laundry, I’m golden.😀😂🤣

Keep dancing kids and take those chances because we ALL are only by this way once.



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