All about that Robo thing...


Just thinking. Yes, sixty pondering is often not a good sign but whatever. 

Have you heard of robo coupling? Now, robo calls, yes but robo coupling that's a new one. It was born from having been literally locked in one's home alone and freaking out that perhaps, this was all there was. As each day faded into the next and it was blursday everyday, panic of ultimately ending up alone forever set in. 

So, the doors opened and we blinked our eyes, said a few holy shizzes and wow, it's spring and then summer  AND NOW FALL and what the hell are we all waiting for??

Now fall has always been the time of year where people are putting pedal to the metal to insure themselves of a NYE not spent eating ice cream while watching netflix alone. Oh my, the horror of it all. Picture McCauley Culkin's face in home alone, yup that one. BTW, sixty has never panicked about the NYE thing. I’d replace the ice cream with wine and chocolate and prime...and yah. 

Now, apparently, people are meeting and coupling up with a rapidity that is  quite astonishing and there you go robo coupling. No text message cha cha or interminably boring phone calls. Nope, it's hi how are you, one or 2 texts and let's meet. That's more my style but this is fast real fast but it has a certain appeal to it. 

And another new phenomenon, even the most picky are putting her nitpicking aside and saying, ok this works, let's give it a whirl to when are we getting an apartment together?? I like the east side, you like the village. Let’s call the whole thing off or not. 

Whiplash is slower. I am not denigrating it. Am just amazed. Life is filled with so many unknowns, finding someone to share all that with has more appeal than looking for things to not like or thinking there's something better out there. And you know what, there might be but the sense of some clock ticking in the background has people skipping over the middle part of dating. 

Am thinking that instead of looking at the same faces on line perhaps, there's another route. Pull out your high school yearbook and see if you find anyone appealing from 300 years ago and then START trolling facebook to see if that person is available. I kid you not. I've heard about some lovely couples recently born this way. 

Maybe that's an answer. It sure might be more interesting than the online dating thing. But let's say the yearbook doesn't pan out so it's back to swiping etc. The rub is though is that you don't want to go on a bunch of dates in one week. What happens if he's mask averse or the other end only wants virtual dating. meh. And who knows where he’s been and all that jazz.... Why is this now become more complicated? Why, because that’s our  new new so either one sits in the house or adapts. 

   And what about sex?  Do we have to ask someone for their latest covid test before we kiss them. NOT kidding. I have heard of people doing that. And you know what, I might just be one of those people. AGAIN NOT KIDDING. I’ll go from jumping in a car with a total stranger to asking someone before I kiss him what’s his covid status. It could be a great conversation starter or a good way to end it before it began.

Anyway, think about it and get back to me. The clock is ticking OR IS IT??? BTW, the dog thing is starting to look even more attractive. And did I mention there are waiting lists for that, too? Soon we’ll be swiping not only for a partner but for a pet. OY.


Keep ๐Ÿ’ƒ ๐Ÿ’ƒ! Feel grateful and remember that WHEN YOU’RE HEALTHY YOU’RE WEALTHY.



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