Random tidbits.


Random tidbits

So none of us have that much to think about (yeah right)  so figured I’d just mention a few things  and no, this is not pandemic second semester review, although, who can forget it? No one,  as well it should be, so stop whining and mask up and do what it takes to stay safe. Btw, sixty gets in most of her steps, by running in and out of subway cars when they get crowded. Normal, not normal, but you know how I feel about normal? Highly overrated. 

Here in no particular order of importance.

1-can someone please tell my kids that they can’t ask random people if they know someone for their mother. Sheesh, when we were in Israel one of them slipped my number to the cabbie who actually called me when i was on the subway. LEGIT. Do I speak hebrew although, I must say a boyfriend at the other end of the world does have its good parts 😉 

2-My regular posse doesn’t set me up so why should some person who doesn’t know me do it and WHY WOULD ANYONE ASK? BTW, I do have a friend from high school who has made it her mission to find me someone. Go her. She has to be better at it than I am and she certainly is enthusiastic. Now, she has taken on my getting a dog. YAY HER! And that i do mean. Right now, dog is Key.

3-Is it true that there is always the “one who got away? I’ve let several get away each one for who the hell knows what reason.  And better yet, how long does it take to get over it WHEN IT REALLY REALLY IS THE ONE WHO GOT AWAY?  How about never but working towards closure, OY! He’s the one about whom I’ve written. He’s the man who even after 40 years just gets to me. He’s my go to guy and there’s logic and no logic to it and do you have another 20 years to parse it out with me? Since there is no logic in anything in our current world, I’ll just add this into the mix.

3A-Now, I figured out a recent one,  relatively recently, well, recently has new meaning when every day is Monday. This guy is sweet, strong, kind and just about all around fabulous and yet, it didn’t work...now, and yes, am a collector so he is still very much present in my life, it’s deepened into a great friendship. What? I hear the tsking. Right now, a great friendship and you heard this from me, is sort of better than romance. He was the guy who talked me off the ledge several times during lockdown and made sure to call or FaceTime me everyday just to check in. 

4-Romance-how do you know? Do you still feel that tickle in your throat or is that the feeling of throat constricting in terror that holy shizz nuts, he likes me, now i have to like him. Only kidding but...OY. Another oy. 

5-me thinks the lady protests too much. Ok, I screwed up that one but it’s sixty so work with me. Yes, of course, a good guy who has his heart in the right place and hopefully grown children NOT LIVING AT HOME would be a plus. Not the kid part but the good guy part. Not so easy to find and then you throw the pandemic into the mix. Can it get more complicated? The answer is hell yeah.

6-During lockdown, aside from being besides myself with terror and the concept of getting sick alone, I realized that other gnawing feeling was loneliness. Now, over the course of many years of living alone, I have certainly felt lonely but nothing like this. It had its own beating heart or was that just mine making noise? Who knows? So I figured maybe this is a sign....

7-Now, during lockdown, I had Eli so the loneliness was mitigated by his presence. But alas, dogs like people don’t live forever but kudos to Eli for sticking around as long as he did. Even on the last day of his life, he sensed that I wasn’t ready for him to go. Once I told him that it was ok and he could go, he calmed down and stopped struggling. Always and forever thank you. And yup, to date the best man I’ve ever known. 

8-so my answer for all of this is to get another dog. Easier than finding a SIG O. Well, not so much but YEAH, TRUTH.  Finding a dog is as competitive as getting into Harvard and the questions far more personal. If i fill out one more application, I’m going to lose my mind. Well, the losing my mind part ship has sort of sailed.😉 

9-in typical sixty fashion, there is an upside to all of this. One very wise male friend and no, he isn’t a former boyfriend, said, sharpen up your profile and put it on match as you never know as you’ve gone cold on bumble. 😱 that’s not a pretty assessment but it’s close to true. 

I’ve got more but I’ll save it for another day. PHew, all of you are saying...I  think that nothing is impossible other than possibly getting my Neanderthal doorman to wear a mask. Just kidding but not really.

So am going to get back on the horse for the 100th time, alright, I’ve promised that before but I’ve fallen off for awhile and need to get serious about this or as serious as sixty ever gets. Do i really want to be pushing 70 and still looking? Not really. I would however, like to have a date for my daughter’s wedding but not some shlub I’ve know for 3 weeks so i need to get cracking.

No pressure, mind you. 

Stay safe, enjoy today as it only comes by once and if you’re looking GO YOU and if you’re not there yet, that’s cool. You’re in good company and yes, the new aphrodisiac is a negative covid test. BE GRATEFUL!!!



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