Prison break


Who would have ever thought that sitting in a relatively crowded jitney in traffic from hell would feel like a joy ride? Now mind you, more than 3 people on the jitney is way too much for me pre covid and now on a semi full bus, am less than amused but hell, I have a get out of jail free card. Well, $31 but who’s counting?

NYC this city of my dreams is still the city of my dreams but it sure is fabulous on steroids to be getting out of town for a few days to see my bffs. Change of scenery much needed. For awhile last summer and for awhile this winter, I stayed at my daughter’s on the UES and even that felt like a vaca. 

Knowing that vaxxed up we can move around a little more freely is  more liberating than even the first day of college and getting away from the “rents” dba the parents.

What am I doing the next few days? A whole lot of nothing and am thrilled. Hang out with my friends, drink good wine, eat fattening food and talk with REAL PEOPLE. What a concept. And they can help me polish up my profile as friday is my date when I sign on the dotted line.

Now sixty has been on and off match for at least a decade interspersed with time for a relationship here and there and a freak out more than here and there. This time when I went on to shop, I as pleasantly surprised to see a few guys whom I have not yet dated. That’s hopeful or they were filler and not really members but I choose the former and all newbies. The new non jaded me. 

After all these years, I never ever ever have bought a package. Why you might ask? It’s cheaper to buy a package says the fiscal conservative out there and I agree but superstitiously, I’ve always thought that if i buy a package, I’ll be on the damn site in perpetuity sort of like perpetual care at the cemetery.

So I go month by month and probably have spent 20 times what a less crazy person would have spent. Whatever.

Expectations: guess what? I have none. I want to do my usual barely a month run and see if I hit a home run. What I am going to be is less likely to look for faults for a change and more likely to be somewhat more open minded. No, not for the 90 year olds, they like me by the way, line them up with the marrieds and hell, I could have been gifted an apartment on East End Avenue by now. PASADENA then Pasadena now. 

I’ve read that people are immediately getting super involved. Well, that’s not my jam but i am more apt right now to get down to business. Not monkey business as I’ve forgotten what that is but heard it’s like riding a bike and comes right back to you. But legit, guy nice roll out the second date plans or bye bye. The tomorrows are less than the yesterdays so go go go.

I have a friend who met someone in the summer when we were able to eat outside and be outside. Unlike the people whom I’ve read about, this couple have moved at a snails pace and go them as it works for them. 

What I do know is that I’m still picky but will try to be less prickly. Follow me, am still not settling for mr ok not bad but not the right guy but i am willing to give the guy a shot who isn’t hitting all the right notes but makes me laugh and doesn’t talk about his divorce and his annoying kids. Listen, everyone has baggage and I’ve got a full set of Vuitton under my bed but that’s where it stays at the least at the beginning. 

So new revised attitude and actual ability to go on a real date as opposed to virtual, things should move along. Now like dairy, women over 50 are often considered not fresh  and over 60 yikes ready for the deck chair on the titanic. It’s really a load of crap as these guys are my age and older but damn it’s 2021 but the men could be falling apart and not terribly clever and get 20 hits a day. And someone fabulous like me get 3 and yay. But it is what it is and i will just put my head down and for once just this once, I am putting pedal to the metal. Now, talk to me after the first vommalicious date. 

Update: have a real live IRL date on Sunday. Mr not old guy. Yippee

Keep on dancing kids. You know the deal Only you can write your narrative. Always and forever. Oh and love. I’m not sure anymore what in love means but I do know that it’s not that gasping for breath crap, which if you’re lucky you have experienced at least once and it wasn’t the onset of a heart attack. I’ll take real love which mean to me genuine caring, great chemistry, shared interests and some za za sou thrown in to keep it fresh. It’s is not never having to say you’re sorry like love story but rather never having to say anything at all. Hi honey, how honey how was your day?



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