What happened to Sixty?

What happened to Sixty?

That’s a damn good question so I will try to answer in under 3 thousand words/JK but you know how sixty does like to meander.

I’ve never been a fabulous blogger in terms of keeping up with it and writing every week. Holy gee, if I write once a month, that’s a lot. Note to self: pedal to the metal and get cracking. Besides which at the moment, not much else on the agenda so why not be write and catch the wave of being in a great mood. 

So where have I been since April which is when I wrote my last post? Napping/nah
Having great sex/double nah, what? Trolling my daugher’s bridal registry and driving my daughter nuts, of course, yes. 

 I’m not really sure I can quantify my disappearance  with anything logical other than dating blog what’s that and just wasn’t in the mood. Oh and did i mention oy, my sacroiliac is paining me. Close but no cigar.

Well, am back/ pun very much intended. Am I dating up a storm? Wellllllll, that’s a story, isn’t everything? Yes, i put myself up on match and chatted up a few guys but no one had the za za zoo including me. I would have settled for za, not really but whatever. I didn’t have the za za zoo so why am I expecting it? Because am 60,enough said. 

So went off and then went back on and the pickings got somewhat better so yay! Then BOOM, out of nowhere, well not really out of nowhere, I woke up one day and back, shoulder, elbow and a partridge in a pear tree had somehow stopped being very functional.

All old injuries exacerbated by running running with lots of books to read to the kids. Wow, do I miss those kids and the community in which I was working but next September will be here soon enough. Sort of and maybe I can find a summer program when my joints and damn not the kind one smokes are more functional. 

Anyway, I toyed with the idea of bringing along some MRI’s on my first date but the spirit was sort of willing but the flesh no f’n way. So was this a one way ticket to Alta cockerette land? NO NO AND NOOOOO. Wow, who knew the neurologist would be my new BFF?

There is nothing sexy about back pain and add onto that numb fingers and the rest of the ugh, fuhgedaabout it. Let me tell you, this has been a humbling experience. Will it change me from being a go go go girl and no, not one in the white boots.  NO F’IN WAY. But it is teaching me the  very hard lesson to accept limitations. Who knew that was torture? Not me, but now I know.

Intersperse that with the ill advised idea to get a puppy. Ok, I have never had a puppy to train in spite of having 2 dogs. One was trained by the mary poppins woman who helped raise the kids and me, yes, me so she did the heavy lifting on that one and Eli well, Eli marched to his own drummer and at 2 when we got him, it was too little too late. So in comes the most delicious little girl who we named Sylvia and I was in love. Big problem can’t pick her up, can’t pick her up means potty training goes down the proverbial crapper and I mean that literally and if only. I thought about it for a few days and then realized that the best thing for Sylvia was to get her a family who could be there for everything she needed. Wept a river of tears but made the right decision. The family sent me a picture of her positively looking so happy with her little girl bff, if i had any doubt there it was in living color. Another lesson is limits.

So, here we are at today. Dogless and fancy free and if I could I would skip up the street but not yet.  Can’t work so that has made the days longer than long but oh well. I search match expecting Cary Grant reincarnated  and others but am looking so big woop. Had a date planned for this friday and guess what he has a medical thing. SEE, even the male species has stuff. OF COURSE, THEY DO but no one wants to admit to any of it. I know I don’t nor is it topic 1 on the date convo list which will be added to the other fave topic “so how was your divorce?” Ugh. BTW,and this is a big one, why does anyone want to talk about one’s infirmities whatever they are on a first date. That’s about as sexy as a pair of spanx . 

That my friends is the story. Work always and everyday in progress and sooner than later, I’ll have something fun to report and it’s first 3 letters is not MRI.

Keep dancing!


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