What’s a blog post??

 A little blog post (it’s about time)

It’s literally been months since I last wrote. That’s what happens when life interferes with my somewhat stream of conscious meanderings about life, love and etc.

So, it’s almost March and it feels like spring and can’t wait. No, not a weather report but more an observation. Plus, I have cute clothes to wear that I better get to wear this season. Hey, that’s important. 

In a world where there has been a pandemic raging for 2 years and horrible world events playing out in front of us, it seems frivolous to write about dating or in my case the lack thereof. Then again, a little levity and nothing serious sometimes is very helpful. And getting out the “checkbook” and donating to those who are in need. Just saying. 

So the bumble dating thing or just the dating thing. Now, we will meet people without a mask. That means, one gets to put on a lipstick and not look like Bette Davis in Baby Jane because the mask has shmeared that gorgeous red all over your face. Trust me, ladies, this is not a look that is flattering on anyone unless you’re going to a Halloween party.

In early December I had brunch and Botox with my fabulous friend who has an aesthetic medical practice. Did it make a difference? To me it did and that’s what counts. It’s very subtle as have no desire to look like deer in the headlights. And then I got covid and other stuff went down and who’s seeing my somewhat smoother forehead? Penny, the gorgalicious girls  and the dog walker who double times as my go to guy. Truth!

I threw that in there because I like to remind myself what I do is not everyone’s thing but hey, we all make choices. Botox or not, grey or not, married or not.  It’s all about choices and not judgments. Just saying. And now that I’ve found a colorist who I think literally walks on water, I’ll be going forever.  And YAY

Ok, as I’ve said on my not so daily posts,  am on fire on bumble. What does this mean so far? A lot of conversation. Now, I think am finally ready to dip my toe in. Just don’t want it bit off but seriously, with all that has gone on personally and etc, I truly understand, that we’re only by this way once. I always knew but it resonates more now.

Ain’t that the truth? So at almost  a big birthday age, do i say f it, let’s get this party started and pair up. Not so fast and not because of the usual reasons. 

Here’s the thing: just because is not a reason to pair up. Just because for me is more about being open minded as in, why this is a nice guy before I say putz and next. Now, does that mean sixty is less judgmental about the fellas, well sort of and it’s about time. No one can check off all those imaginary boxes I have so I’ve mostly erased them. No serial killers need apply or anyone who lives with his mommy. 

Right now, what’s important is real and no, it’s not 1969 but I’m over listening to the self aggrandizing bs that most people spout on a first date. If I get a whiff of anything that smells like stink, am gone. With that said, what do i want? Who the hell knows? I have a friend which I think I’ve mentioned before who has one of those relationships where each person has her/his own space and alone time is legit alone and time together is just that. Not in each other’s faces but connected. 

Not everyone’s cup of tea but I would try it, if it’s on the menu. Now geographic location has always been non negotiable. NYC or bust and all that and it still is but as long as someone isn’t afraid of New York, PUHLEEZE! Yes, there are those out there who view NYC as the big bad city and they live in New Jersey.  I’ll hang with someone who is within a 50 something mile radius of NYC and has a summer house, just kidding but not kidding. Lol

But the big but is please PLEASE, if someone is retired please do more than pickle ball, Hey, if that’s your jam, go you but NISHT for sixty. I need someone who’s involved in life not just waiting for the court to open up. 

So a little more flexible and interested but wary as that’s my flavor but not sending out the go away vibes. And as for status, am also, working on flexibility. Still prefer men who have had kids because they get the connection that a parent has to her children. I’ve found and this is  generalization, duh, that those who have never had kids have often never had to get passed themselves. Every little like thing is a parade. But there are exceptions for sure. Look at that, I’m not dismissing. On the flip side, someone else’s kids from hell, meh. And around and around we go, where we land no one will know. Ya think? 

And now the big question? Have we foreclosed on sex? No, horizontal cha cha is still on the table and yes, one has to make room for the fact that we are not young but if it becomes a job and it’s not fun, I’ll take a pass. When I cha cha I want to cha cha. The END, know what I mean. Wink, wink.

Where does that leave us on this as ever long and winding road? Still on it. Still hopeful as why not? Still grateful to wake up and hit the floor and have another day. And will keep on dancing forever ever. And MAKE IT FABULOUS. Only you can. 


  1. Great post! As to your thoughts about what now has a name (and acronym! - LAT) loving apart together, that is me. After being married for 25 years and never living on my own before, when I decided to date again, I thought if I found the right person, we’d live together. Well…my mom moved in with me, and his daughter was still living with him. Long story short, we’re 6+ years in and I’ve really come to appreciate my personal space and time. Of course, now we’re talking about living together in the next year or 2. Time to adapt again!😄


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