Birthdays, dating and other life’s joy

Long time no speak. I must admit i was suffering from living my life and just never seemed to want to sit down and opine about dating. Oyyyyyyy or birthdays, not oy but yah another year around the sun and this year instead of whining, I’m doing. 

Am a big fan of making a parade over the littlest thing. Hell, I was the mother that clapped and gave a gift/only kidding for significant pottying. No wonder, my adult daughters tell me that my parenting style left a lot to be desired. Sheesh, so I didn’t put you on a schedule. Is that why one of you is mostly always late and the other is sometimes late and mumsey late more than not? Who cares?

So this birthday, I’ve done my usual going out with anyone interested in having a good time but really, my kids, old friends, other friends and more friends. It’s birthday month so am partying until june 30th. And then some…

Partying does not mean I am getting hammered. That’s not been fun for decades. Now, it’s more great company, terrific food, some nice wine and CONVERSATION. Remember that? That question will come in handy, when i get to the dating…… Does someone my age need a psych consult just because I still think there’s some nice guy out there who’s not dead  and is interested in haven’t a partner, not a wife, NO THANK YOU. Am into love but not smothering. Know what i mean. 


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